Is Your Air Duct Clean Or Dirty?

How do you find out if your air ducts are clean or dirty? It is quite simple enough, really – all you have to do is open up your vents, lift up the covers and just check to see if there is dirt, dust or debris of any kind there. You might also want to check your air filters to see if they are clogged up. And, if you do find any of these things – you will know that it is time to get your air ducts (and/or filters) cleaned.

Sometimes, it can happen that you just had your air ducts cleaned a short while ago and now they are all dirty again. Don’t worry, this can happen because of a lot of reasons. One reason can be that there is some sort of construction activity happening in or around your neighborhood. Such projects can put a lot of dust and dirt in the air and this air will go in your air duct system. So, when things like this happen, simply call an air duct cleaning Miami company to help you clean your air ducts and filters.

How to inspect an air duct

Before you call on a professional air duct cleaning service, you might first want to take a look at your air ducts yourself to see how dirty they might be. This will help you communicate your situation better to the air duct cleaning company that you will be calling. Here is how you can inspect an air duct yourself:

Step 1: Check the vents and the filters

Again, this step is very simple – just open your vents, lift the covers and check your air ducts and air filters for any dirt and such.

Step 2: Check the heating unit

The next thing to inspect will be the heater. So, check the heater unit compartment for dust, check the blower for dirt, and lastly – check the blades of the blower for any grease as well.

Step 3: Check the air conditioning unit

After you have checked the heating unit, it is time to inspect the air conditioner. As above, check all the individual components of the unit. Start with the cooling coils – check them for any dust. Then, make sure the fins are straight, not bent and spaced quite evenly apart from each other. And, don’t forget to check whether the draining pan is draining properly or not.

Step 4: Check the plenum space

The only thing left to check now is your plenum space and you might want to check it for dirt and/or moisture. In certain cases, moisture can also lead to molds. So, you need to be extra vary of moist plenum spaces.